How it works. 

Here's how to make the most of Friday15.

  • First things first: double check your state requirements for continuing education to make sure we count.  Click here for a list of professions and states where you are good to go.  If you aren't?  We would still love to have you, but just don't try to count those credits.  We're working on expanding to new states and professions all the time, so click here to shoot us an email to see if we can fix that for ya.  

  • Sign up for a course or bundle here.   If you want to see examples of our courses and topics, take a look at the page for your profession.

  • Go to your calendar and block off 15 minutes, once a week, to join us.  Fridays are the day when we release new content and host live sessions (hence the name, Friday15), but there is no special magic to Fridays (except the usual "it's Friday!" magic, of course.)  PRO TIP: include the link to your course list or subscription in your calendar invite for easy reference.  

  • Check your e-mail for reminders from us about courses you have signed up for. 

  • Join the live course, or sign in to view pre-recorded courses, at the time you've set aside on your calendar.  

  • Complete any applicable knowledge checks when you're done with your course, and fill out the form to generate the certificate associated with each weekly course.  Your certificate will automatically generate upon completion of these items. 

  • Check your email for quarterly and annual reports of your completed courses and credits.  You can also see your completed courses and credits at any time in "My Account."  

Wait, but what if I don't want a bundle?  I just want to buy access to one session I think looks interesting. 

  • No sweat.  You can purchase any of our live or recorded sessions ala carte on your profession page.  

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