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Neuroscience of Pain

Dr. Bethany Ranes sits down with Dr. Elton and Dr. Rock to discuss how pain is processed and share insights into addressing and treating pain that will be highly influential to your everyday practice. This is a MUST WATCH!  Available for CE credit in CO, MN, and GA. 
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  • 6 Modules (15-22 min. each)
  • 3 Presentations + Discussions
  • 1.5 Credits
  • PowerPoint decks for reference

Part 1

Pain in the brain: an overview of how pain is experienced and processed

Part 1 Discussion

Part 2

Identifying structural vs non-structural contributors to pain

Part 2 Discussion

Part 3

Integrating comprehensive pain reprocessing tactics into your daily practice

Part 3 Discussion

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Dave Elton, DC

CEO of Arete Networks

Dr. Bethany Ranes

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Dr. Garret Rock, DC

CEO of Arete Services
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