Become a speaker for Friday15.

Here's the drill...

Who we want

We select speakers for Friday15 based on their professional experience and speaking ability. We want experts who can identify interesting topics and deliver information efficiently (15-17 min) and effectively.  Oh, and you gotta be able to do a video or live webcast.

What's required

Ideally, you commit to at least 1 hour of content (four 15-minute sessions), and up to 1 hour of prep for that content.  We record throughout the year, but also provide “break in” content for a compelling issue or current event.  If you've got something that only takes one 15-minute session that we can bundle with other sessions or speakers, we're happy to consider that too!

What you get

We help interviewees be recognized as experts in their field and promote their personal brands, services, and products. If you've got a podcast, your own long-format course, or other educational resources, we're a great way for you to get the word out.  If you are interested in a larger commitment (i.e., an entire series), reach out to us to discuss other potential arrangements. 

I have more questions

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